A rousing competition for a tote bag in honor of the museum’s 15th anniversary

Inspired by the museum’s exhibits from: https://faberge-museum.de, From Instagram page: @faberge_badenbaden or by visiting the museum, create a drawing for a branded bag in honour of the 15th anniversary of the Fabergé Museum Baden-Baden.

From 9 January to 9 April, send your drawing to the museum’s address : Sophienstraße 30, 76530, Baden-Baden, Deutschland or email it to visitfabergemuseum@gmail.com

Guests of the museum will vote and choose 3 winners.The best drawings will become the tote signature bags of the Fabergé Museum Baden-Baden.

Invite your children, friends, acquaintances and family to participate and share your work on social media at #15fabergebadenbaden.