Salon Renaissance

Salon concerts with concert pianist Tatjana Worm-Sawosskaja in the framework of the charity project “The Bell”. in favor of the reconstruction of the of the bell tower of the Russian Orthodox Church of St. Alexander Nevsky in Termes /Uzbekistan.

Every Saturday in July 2021: 03./ 10./ 17./ 24./ 31

In each case at 15:00 o’clock and 16:30 o’clock

Admission: 28,00 € per person

Ticket reservation: Tel.: 07221-970890 / E-mail:

Opening of the salon: on Saturday 03/07/2021 at 15:00, participation by appointment only.

The idea of the project is to revive the tradition of the salon concerts, to offer the exclusive meetings with entertainment on high intellectual and musical level an appropriate demanding frame and to help with concert takings and donations the reconstruction of the bell tower of the Russian Orthodox Church of St. Alexander Newskij in Temers/ Uzbekistan (former USSR, birthplace of Tatjana Worm-Sawosskaja).

In addition to paintings and works of art from the Renaissance period, an absolute highlight can be seen and heard in the salon – a rare Baroque Steinway grand piano, manufactured at the end of the 19th century in an opulent Baroque design by the Link company.

The internationally sought-after concert pianist Tatjana Worm-Sawosskaja breathes life into this exclusive exceptional grand piano and plays well-known piano works by J.S.Bach, W.A. Mozart, L.v. Beethoven, F. Chopin, Liszt and others.

The listeners experience true joy of life and new access to art and culture.

The proceeds of the salon concerts will go to the charity project “The Bell” in favor of the reconstruction of the bell tower of the Russian Orthodox Church of St. Alexander Nevsky in Termes / Uzbekistan (former USSR), the birthplace of Tatjana Worm-Sawosskaja.

As a result of the state atheism in the Soviet Union, the Russian Orthodox Church built in Termes in 1910 was closed in 1927 and the bell tower of the church was demolished. After the closure, the church served as a military hospital, ammunition store and later as a sports hall.

Since 1990 the church is open again. Unfortunately, the church congregation consists of too few people, because after the break of the Soviet Union many Russians left Uzbekistan forever. Unfortunately, the remaining church members were not able to finance the reconstruction of the bell tower and the restoration work on their own.

The costs amount to 30.000,00 EUR. It is quite a big project that Tatjana Worm-Sawosskaja would like to realize with the help of the income from the salon concerts and donations.

Donation account:

Tatjana Worm-Sawosskaja

IBAN DE08 600 100 700 757 055 700 Term “The Bell”.

100% of the money will be transferred to the pastor of the church.

All donations are recorded in a list, everything is absolutely transparent.

Upon request, the donor will receive the transfer receipt by name.

With this project we create access to true meeting opportunities for people who love and live culture.

Additional dates as well as bookings for groups and families are possible.

A wonderful opportunity to give a special touch to family celebrations in a small circle.

A special experience for heart and soul.

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