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- Professor Alexander Ivanov "Unknown Faberge"


Moscow, Russian National Museum, 2002. 716 Pages , color. Images. Russian and English Languages. ISBN 5-9500046-3-9.

Reference edition, Which includes the Most Complete photo archive of works from the collection of Faberge Russian National Museum, as well as sketches Previously Unknown Faberge. For the first time published the pre-Revolutionary Photographs of Jewelry House Frolov's brother.

The book is recommended by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation as a reference for art experts dealing with attribution of Faberge items.

Book Museum is 250 euros, compared with the same edition in Moscow is offered for 30,000 rubles (approx. 750 Euro).


- Professor Alexander Ivanov "Masters gold and silver business in Russia 1600-1926"



Guidance for experts and critics in 2 Volumes. Moscow, Russian National Museum, 2002. Pages 464 and 448. Russian and English Languages. ISBN 5-9500046-1-2 / 3/0.

The Book includes Data on more than 5,000 stamps Masters gold and silver Business in Russia. It is A Valuable source of Unique History of folding Russian Jewelry Traditions. Proposed grading FIRMS, Enterprises and craftsmen of gold and silver Business in the Russian Empire. It Presents the works of pre-Revolutionary Russian Jewelers, Jewelry-making techniques, Methods of manufacturing Technology Faceting Gems and Precious alloys Master alloys, and more. al.

The book is intended for experts-art arts and crafts, antique dealers, and persons interested in the history of art.

The publication is recommended as a guide by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

The price of two volumes in the museum booth 400 Euro in Moscow edition offered more than 30,000 rubles.


  - Professor Alexander Ivanov "Tokens of the Russian Empire"

Moscow, Russian National Museum, 2004. 502 Pages. Russian and English Languages. col. Images. ISBN 5-9900303-1-2.

The book presents 200 coins from the collection of the Museum of Faberge. Most of These are Rare and expensive tokens Collected over the years of hard work. They Reflect the Whole of the Last period of the History of the Russian Empire.

In addition, published Archival materials relating to the Establishment and delivery of some commemorative Award badge. Meeting with the collection of the Museum of Faberge tokens Will be an interesting Excursion into the World of Distant Life and Customs in Russia That Already Distant time.


VA Tolmatsky, VV Skurlov, AN Ivanov, "and art Antique Market of St. Petersburg"

"Faces of Russia" Saint Petersburg 2008. Villages 520, col. illustration. ISBN 978-5-87417-284-8

This Book is the first Detailed Study of the History of Formation and development of the Antique Business in pre-Revolutionary St. Petersburg. Of Particular Importance attached to it Numerous Archival Documents, Periodicals of excerpts related to the Events Described, rich Illustrative background. Most of the material Offered to the reader for the first time.


- Professor Alexander Ivanov "Assay business in Russia (1700-1946)"

Experts guide to art. Moscow, Russian National Museum, 2002. 752 pp., Illustrations + CD. ISBN 5-242-01710-4.

The publication recommended by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation as a guide and tool for art experts of Territorial Administration of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation to preserve cultural values, museum workers and other specialists.

This book provides the first comprehensive description of the assay in the case of the Russian Empire and Soviet Russia, rule stigma and protection systems hallmarks from 1700 to 1946 years. Are Primary sources and materials Assay Office in the Russian Empire.

Faberge Museum. Alexander Ivanov. Catalogue "The Art of Faberge" Exhibition in 2010 in Kostroma.

Kostromaizdat, Kostroma, 2010. Russian language. 168 Pages, color illustrations. ISBN 978-5-98295-045-1

In the catalog for the exhibition "The Art of Faberge" Faberge Museum Baden-Baden, which was held in the territory of Kostroma Kostroma State Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve, presents more than 150 objects from the Museum's collection, including masterpieces such as The Egg Rothschild Faberge Imperial Easter eggs Made of Karelian Birch and "tsarevich Constellation"; The clock on the silver Wedding of Alexander III, wine set A Rabbit Family Christmas Tree Matilda Kshesinskaia, Jewelry, cigarette cases, Watches and more.

More than 600 photos, including images of stamps on objects and historical photographs will help to get acquainted with a large part of the collection of the Museum of Faberge.

The catalog contains introductory remarks Professor Alexander Ivanov and historical tours of Faberge.


The Last Flowering of Court Art - Catalog - Russian private collection of Faberge

Exhibition Catalog of the latest Exhibition of Faberge, Which WAS Held in London from Nov 23. on 4. December 2010 in the walls of the company Wartski. 151 pages, color illustrations, English.

The lovingly compiled catalog presents 56 outstanding Faberge Items from One Private collection. The objects are Accompanied by Detailed descriptions and Plenty of skillfully Made Images. Good Faberge Items, selected in the unusually artistic High Level, representing Almost All Areas of Activity: royal gifts, stone cutting shapes, gold jewelry, clocks, frames, plants and more.

Faberge Museum. Alexander Ivanov. Catalogue "Faberge Time" Exhibition in 2011 in Kostroma.















Kostromaizdat, Kostroma, 2011. Russian language. 192 Pages, color illustrations. ISBN 978-5-98295-047-5

Catalog of the Exhibition "Faberge Time" contains exhibits from the Museum of Fabezhe Presented at the Exhibition of Traditional now Faberge in Kostroma. It is more than 250 objects of decorative art is not only a great jeweler Carl Faberge, as well as his equally famous -Bolina contemporaries, Ovchinnikov, Khlebnikov and leading European Jewelers of the time - Cartier, Tiffany and so on .. Among the Masterpieces of this year are exhibits as Imperial Easter egg "tsarevich Constellation"; Carved Stone figurines "Retired soldier" from the series 'characters Faberge "; Gift snuff Emperor Alexander II, Figure Matilda Kseshinskaya mouse and more. Many Items pokunuli Faberge Museum Exhibition for the first time and Almost no One does not repeat the earlier exhibited in 2010.
The Catalog contains Introductory remarks by President Dmitry Medvedev and informative historical excursion Professor Alexander Ivanov.

E. Suprun, A journalist. Brochure "Faberge" Faberge Museum

 paperback, 64 pp., col. Ill., Russian and German














This Literary Criticism and art and interesting essays Detailed talks About the History of the Faberge Museum Baden-Baden, Provides an overview of the Exposure by touching outstanding exhibits and parallel to the Story About the Life and work of Carl Faberge and His Company. The brochure It is intended for the general reader, and a concise and at the same time a complete source of information necessary for each person who is interested in the history of Russian jewelry art activities and the genius of Carl Faberge, and the history of the Museum of Faberge in Baden-Baden.


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