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our museum's shop offers you following literature about Fabergé Art and gold- and silverworks in Russia:

- Professor Alexander Ivanov "Unknown Fabergé"


Moscow, Russian National Museum 2002. 716 Pages . Colour pictures. ISBN 5-9500046-3-9. Russian, English

Reference-book for art experts. It contains the most complete photo archive of the Fabergé works from collection of Russian mineralogical museum and Fabergé Museum and hitherto unknown sketches by Fabergé. It'sa first edition to contain pre-revolutionary photos of works by company Br. Frolov. This book is recommended by the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation as a guide for experts concerning with Fabergé art. 

 - Professor Alexander Ivanov "Gold and silversmiths in Russia 1600-1926"

Moscow, Russian National Museum, 2002. 2 volumes, 448 and 464 pages + CD. Colour illustrations. Russian, English. ISBN 5-9300046-1-2 / 5-9300046-3-0

This book is recommended by the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation as a guide for experts, art-historians, museum-staff and other specialists.

The issue contains information about more than 5,000 hallmarks of Russian gold and silversmiths. It'sa voluble source of information on the unique history of Russian jewellery traditions. It includes the gradation of jewelers companies and gold and silverwork enterprises in Russian Empire. Besides you will find different samples of jewel works, description of techniques of works used at the time, methods of cut the precious stones and principles of composing precious metals into alloys which were used in tsarist Russia.


- Professor Alexander Ivanov "Jetons of the Russian Empire"

Russian National Museum, 2004. 502 pages, colour illustrations. Russian, English. ISBN 5-9900303-1-2.


This book gives a review of more than 200 jetons (honor awards) from the collection of Fabergé Museum. They are mostly rare and rather expensive items collected through hard work. Information about jetons delivers reflection to lifestyle and relationships in official Russia at last period of Empire. The issue contains academic publications and archive materials concerning the introduction of certain award jetons. You expected to join to exciting journey to the historical world of imperial traditions of Russia.  


- V. Tolmatsky, V. Skurlov, A. Ivanov "Kunst- und Antiquitäten-Markt in St. Petersburg"

"Liki Rossii" St. Petersburg 2008. 520 pages, zahlreiche Farbabbildungen. Russian. ISBN 978-5-87417-284-8.

 Professor Alexander Ivanov "Assaying and hallmarking in Russia (1700-1946)"

Russian National Museum, Moscow 2002. A guide for art experts. 752 pages, colour illustrations + CD. ISBN 5-242-01710-4

Recommended by the Ministery of culture of Russia as a guide for art experts and historians, museum staff and other specialists.

It's the first book to give a detailed descriptions of assaying and hallmarking in the Russian Empire and Soviet Russia, inclusive rules of hallmarking and hallmark protection from 1700 to 1946. It contains the complete list of gold and silber smiths from 16th century to 1918 , types and shapes of their hallmarks. Includes pre-revolutionary sources and materials of assay supervision of the Russian Empire. This book is meant for art historians and experts of applied art, antique dealers and those who are interested in the history and techniques of gold and silberwork in tsarist Russia.

 Catalogue Fabergé Art of exhibition of Fabergé Museum in Kostroma, Russia in 2010


over 150 Fabergé objects from Fabergé Museum collection, incl. very important items and highlights

 Catalogue The Last Flowering of Court Art

Fabergé Art exhibition by Firm Wartski in London

56 important objects by Fabergé with planty of coulour pictures


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