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Announcement: the catalogue "Gold of the Pre-Columbian Epoch" will soon be on sale

The exhibition, "Gold of the Pre-Columbian Epoch", has been open at the Faberge Museum for almost 3 months, and during that time the more than nearly 1500 visitors expressed great appreciation for what they saw.

Europe has a small number of museums that exhibit items and jewelry of the pre-Columbian peoples of South America. However, Europeans have always been interested in this art. Even during the Conquest the first exhibition of items taken from Meso-America by the Spanish was held in the court of the Spanish Hapsburg Emperor Charles V. In 1520 the great German artist, Albrecht Durer, saw items from America that were in the palace of the Spanish viceroy in Brussels. Among these were, "a pure-gold sun that was about a meter in width". Durer wrote that, "I never saw anything else so wonderful in my life. Among those items were amazing things that witnessed to the great talent of people in far-away lands".

Together with the Russian National Museum in Moscow, the Faberge Museum is preparing a catalogue of items in the exhibition. It will be a type of historical and literary essay that will fully describe the history and development of the Aztecs, Incas, and Maya from the moment of their appearance to their destruction when the Americas were discovered by Christopher Columbus and invaded by the Spanish conquistadors. The book will be published in Russian, German, and English, and it is expected to be on sale at the end of autumn 2011.

Please ask for the book at the Museum's bookshop, or by contacting us via this website.



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