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new items in Museum

New Acquisitions

The Fabergé Museum has some new items made by Fabergé: an umbrella handle; a cane handle; and a magnifying glass. There are also several items made by other jewelry firms. The figure of a pelican, made by René Jules Lalique from a single piece of topaz and finished with gold work, is especially interesting. 


Lalique (1860-1945) was a leading French jeweler, designer, and glassblower. His work is inimitable, and his style is in the French Art Nouveau, which appeared at the same time as Fabergé and the golden age of jewelry art at the end of the 19th century and early 20th century. The Fabergé Museum has many items by Lalique, including a cigarette case made of gold, several brooches, and the figure of an eagle made from mountain crystal that decorates the hood of an automobile.

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