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Some items from our exhibition

A pair of silver candelabra

A pair of silver candelabra

A pair of magnificent silver figural candelabra

Silver gilt, marble, jasper

Sazikov Company, St Petersburg, 1871

The Sazikov´s Company was founded in Moscow at the end of the 18th century. The St. Petersburg branch was established in 1842. The founder of the company Pavel Sazikov and his son Ignaty Sazikov were the first Russian jewellers who have earned their greatest recognition in Russia and abroad with their innovative technical procedures when working with enamels. After their original decorative patterns on silver surfaces of the objects, Sazikovs were recognized as one of the grounder of the so-called "New Russian style". 

Mantel Clock

Mantel Clock

A presentation mantel (table) clock.

Silver gilt, bowenit.

Fabergé, workmeister J. Rappoport, St. Petersburg 1899-1904.

Front and side edges carrying engraved dedication´s sign, saying, the clock was presented to His Royal Highness Prince Boris of Tarnovo / Council of Ministers / January 1908

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